Today gamblers often use online casinos, on the platform of which there are already a lot of legendary games. A team of well-known developers integrated the most popular gaming system called Admiral into the online casino platform! Nowadays this system is in great demand not only among many advanced players, but also among the owners of such kind of a business.

Admiral – the latest development in the field of gambling

Admiral casino gaming system is designed for worthy gamblers! The content of the game is breathtaking due to incredibly beautiful graphics, lots of jackpots, ease of installation, and, what is more, the reliability of the gaming platform. Players around the world are amazed by the scale of Admiral’s game content. Admiral includes poker, many quick games, everyone’s favorite roulette, as well as many slots. Admiral is a universal gaming system that is able to remember a player’s account and play it not only on mobile devices and computers, but also in real gaming rooms.

Admiral – a guaranteed startup to go into business

One of the best solutions for a startup is to buy Admiral gaming software for a casino! Buying an Admiral gaming system for a casino means spending a little and earning a lot! The Admiral gaming system is widespread and can be implemented both in Internet cafes and in real gaming rooms. With such a game system, everyone can have fun and brighten up their leisure time!

The way the platform works

The Admiral gaming system for casinos is based on the widest assortment of the best high-quality gaming content, it includes the most convenient and intuitive management tools. To make the gaming system work, business owners simply need to connect all the computers into a network in their premises. Such an offer requires a minimum time and money from the owner.



What are the advantages of Admiral?

The gaming system for the casino Admiral contains all the services to create your own, individual business in the market. Moreover, this software for online casinos will help to create a competent marketing strategy. Software Admiral contains various marketing tools, many variations of the Jackpot, incredible loyalty programs, newsletters, a stable player support system, as well as many different attractive bonuses!

And how not to mention the most important advantage of Admiral? The main advantage is the colorful drawing of games, individual themes for each player, beautiful and energetic music, convenient gameplay and an intuitive interface.

If you want to start or upgrade your own casino business, one of the most profitable and optimal solutions is to buy the Admiral gaming system!

Admiral: system requirements

For the stability of the gaming system, it is necessary (per 1 terminal):

Operating System: Windows, Linux, android, iOS
Intel Core i3 processor with a frequency of 3.1 GHz or faster (recommended at least 3000 MHz)

Video Intel HD
80 GB disk space

Compatible equipment for terminals:

Dispenser: NV200 (only cashier kiosk) , ICT, PULON 1000,2000,4000

Bill acceptor: NV 9-10, SSP, CCTALK, ICT, Pyramid