Offline-online system for casino clubs and Internet casino cafes

Offline-online system for casino clubs and Internet cafes is a special universal gaming system which works both offline and online. The main feature of this system is that the owner of the business can easily modify the system wherever he is and no matter if the internet connection is stable. Offline-online system is a modern high-quality software that is able to attract more and more clients.

Offline-online system – a universal tool for the business!

Using our offline-online system, a business owner can use mobile Internet. Such a system does not require a stable Internet connection, this feature allows you to manage the system from different parts of the world using mobile data, while all the basic functions, bonuses, providers and a wide range of games remain available for the business owner. Offline-online system is widely spread in Africa and South America. In these regions people use mobile data transfer much more often, therefore this system will undoubtedly be suitable both for the owners of the business in regions with stable Internet connection and for those with internet connection. Thus, an offline-online system does not require a connection to high-speed Internet, so that it is much better for the owners because this system makes casino clubs and Internet cafes even more stable, reliable and attractive.

The main specification of offline-online systems

Offline-online system easily adapts to any device, launches quickly and keeps working regardless of how you connect to the Internet. It is enough to use mobile data, so that business owners can easily provide their clubs with modern and sophisticated software and gamblers can  get a huge variety of fascinating and exciting games and also different attractive system bonuses. Moreover, the offline-online system has a fairly high level of security, which guarantees the safety and minimal risk of data leakage both to the owners and the players.

How the offline-online system works?

Offline-online system for casino clubs and Internet cafes includes more than 500 slot machines, as well as a convenient and intuitive interface for rational and efficient management. In order to start using this system, it is necessary to install it on the terminals in the casino club, as well as connect the online version in the Internet cafe. The efficiency of your business in case of using this system will be doubled, and the maintenance costs will be minimal!

Offline-online system: system requirements

Operating System: Windows, Linux, android, iOS

Processor: Intel Core i3 3.1 GHz or faster (minimum parameters: 3000 MHz)


Video Card: Video Intel HD

Hard Drive: 80 GB