The use of portable android POS terminals in the field of gambling, for agent networks.

Portable cash registers, created specifically for sales in mobile format, have gone from the simplest devices to upgraded nugers and modern tablet-type cash registers with touch control and wide functionality. Now cash terminals of this type are one of the most convenient and important innovations in the world of business and gambling.


PCRs are the most convenient way to conduct gambling business and games of chance. You will be able to attract new customers, anywhere, anytime. And your clients will be able to play at home, in the countryside, and in general anywhere, using mobile devices. To do this, we have installed the most advanced software that can work with all types of terminals.


So, we are ready to show you the most important advantages of using PCR:


1) Light and compact. The cash register is the size of a smartphone and fits easily in the pocket of a bag or jacket. The weight of different devices varies from 300 to 1200 g.


2) Mobility and portability. Autonomous models work independently of the location. This makes the sales register equally applicable for both stationary stores and for delivery of goods after the end of the shift.


3) Affordable price. The cost of portable equipment is much lower than that of stationary cash registers: 5,000-20,000 rubles.


4) Creation of Agency networks for registration and customer service directly at home, which is much more convenient than using stationary cash registers.


5) You can play your favorite slot machines anywhere – you do not need to make a certain amount of effort.


The Imperium platform makes it possible to fully use portable cash registers with which you can play your favorite games on your favorite slot machines anywhere. With these terminals, our partner will be able to register new clients and add funds to their accounts, anywhere. Imperium software works with Xiaomi SunMi V1s W5920 Orange portable android POS cash registers.


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