How to open an online-casino

How to open an online-casino

Creating your own online casino is a profitable solution that, with the right approach, will quickly recoup all initial investments and begin to bring a stable profit. But before you start planning, you need to study in detail the order and procedure for organizing this specific type of business.

today, the market of gambling products provides quite easy ways to open your own casino. For example, to understand software, you do not need to be a professional – it is enough to know only the basic concepts.

The first step to creating an online casino is to legalize and resolve legal issues, as it is very difficult and unreliable to develop a business without a license.

  1.  Obtaining a gambling license

Before opening a casino, first of all, you need to worry about choosing the right licenses, a list of which is provided by the UK Gambling Commission. In this case, two licenses are most often required: a casino work permit and a document for conducting private business.

You must also have a permit to operate, regardless of which state the casino is located in. Entrepreneurs working from other countries are required to obtain a corresponding document for remote work. For each type of gambling entertainment, there are a large number of special licenses.

Before purchasing a license to conduct gambling business in the best possible way to explore the area.

There are countries that regulate their markets, countries that regulate their markets and contain a monopoly, countries that prohibit gambling and countries that do not regulate their market.

Аmong the most popular jurisdictions for casino licensing, there are such as:

  • Alderney. A full license is issued to companies that are registered in Alderney. On average, it takes 60 days to review the application. The cost of the license starts from 17.5 thousand pounds. Annual renewal – from 10,000 pounds.
  • The islands of Antigua and Barbuda. The annual fee for the license is 75 thousand dollars (3% commission from the net revenue of the institution is also charged). The cost of submitting an application is 15 thousand dollars.
  • Malta. The cost of the license is 7 thousand dollars, while the application for licensing costs 3 thousand dollars. In addition, operators are charged the following fees: tax on the income of the institution, tax on gambling activities, payment for the placement of server equipment, for office rent, as well as payment to two shareholders-residents of the offshore company. The annual fixed fee is 9 thousand dollars. Renewal of the permit will cost another $ 1,500.
  • In Curaçao. The profit tax is 0%, and the security deposit is 60,000 na (Dutch Maltese Guilders or 34,000 euros). The owners of the master license (the main one) pay 10,000 na (5,670 currency) every month for 2 years. Consideration of the application and investigation takes 6 weeks with a full package of documents.
  • Kahnawake. A popular base for obtaining a gambling license. important condition: license holders are required to install their sites only in the province. The cost of licensing gambling projects consists of $ 40,000 for an annual commission, as well as $ 5,000 for each key person.

When choosing a license, it is recommended to contact a specialized lawyer. it will help you learn all the nuances of this area.

  • Creating a website for the platform

A website for an online casino should be of high quality and pleasant to the player’s eye. The platform should be catchy and stand out from other sites. It should be remembered that an excess of graphic elements can alienate visitors, as well as overload the entire system, which by itself will slow down the start of page loading. in addition, it is necessary to provide for high-quality navigation, so that the visitor can find the section or tab he needs without questions.

however, in order to create a web-based casino resource, you do not need to be an expert in programming. there are a large number of ready-made sites for gaming projects with excellent server systems, catchy design and engineering. turning to large companies, you can develop your own unique website based on a certain plot, style. for example, net entertainment provides ready-made software based on the special style and design of this company. A big advantage of well-known software manufacturers like Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming is that their online solutions are designed to engage players and provide operators with easy casino management.

However, design and navigation are not all that should be considered.

Today, players expect quick, simple solutions, and demand the security of payment transactions. Therefore, you should take a very serious approach to the choice of payment systems that casino visitors will work with. Often they are included in the software package, but in any case, this issue is also worth a good study before you stop at a particular software.

Today, players are waiting for instant simple solutions, and require the security of payment transactions. For this reason, it is necessary to approach very thoroughly the problem of selecting payment systems with which customers of the gambling house will work. Often they are included in the software package, but in any case, this problem also needs to be well investigated before settling on a particular software.

Which software should you choose?

In the purchase of software for online casinos, it is not advisable to observe savings, since only leading manufacturers will be able to provide a guarantee of uninterrupted operation. Operators of gaming platforms always offer customers only interesting games and offers, which is quite understandable. the software market has a large selection of solutions, including those that combine the products of several major software suppliers in order to provide the casino with the most up-to-date material.

The provider should be chosen depending on the services that the casino is going to offer, so that it provides the institution with the necessary content (live, multiplayer or mobile games).

By the way, a profitable solution will be to select a design for a small mobile phone screen, since it is the mobile game market that is now growing rapidly. For such purposes, there are a large number of special suppliers. If your choice is poker, then it is correct to choose a poker network that will provide the site with the full range of actions necessary for this game.

  • Providing traffic

It is no secret that the main engine of the casino is its players. how to attract customers and get a big income from this? the leading method for today is seo-optimization. Owners should be able to make themselves known on sites visited by potential players. the casino needs to adapt search queries to its platform and provide high-quality advertising in social networks.

On the site, the main positions should be occupied by the most relevant and popular slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, bingo, baccarat. It is also not superfluous to provide access to the demo version for those who want to first understand the nuances of the game, and only then use the knowledge gained in paid games.

Advertising your own institution often takes a lot of time and effort, because at the moment there is simply a huge number of platforms. But you should not be disappointed before the time – statistics show that there are more and more players, bets are made more often and more willingly, so now is the time to start your own business.

  • Financial aspect

Undoubtedly, any casino is opened by the owner for the purpose of making a profit. The greater the profit – the more satisfied the owner is. However, before you start to receive significant revenue, you need to make impressive contributions to the business. How can you be sure that they will pay off? how much should i invest? When will the profit be made?

Main items of expenditure:

  • Purchase of a license (usually from 15 thousand dollars)
  • Website development, visual design, creation of a logo and a unique brand (from 7-9 thousand dollars)
  • Commission for payment services (1-5% of transaction amounts)
  • marketing and advertising program (from $ 500 monthly)
    • Organization of technical support (from 2 thousand dollars per month)
    • Tax deductions (from 20% of the total revenue of the site)

Marketing costs a lot of money, but it is this stage that allows the casino to attract new customers and recoup all costs. With the right approach, all investments should pay off in about 6 months from the opening of the institution. Naturally, the timing is individual and depends on the business skills of the owner, as well as many other factors.

Additional costs may be required when maintaining the Live format of games and providing real-time assistance to players. For those who are not ready to invest large amounts at the beginning of opening a business, there is also a solution: these options can be added already when the platform has its own wide base of players.

You should also consider the cost of providing technical support. Some companies only have a feedback form, while others have online support. Of course, providing decent feedback to players greatly affects the image and popularity among players. Although the work of the technical support service can be very expensive, it will really give the company a solid look, which will complement the overall marketing campaign well.

  • Competition among online casinos

Competition is a big problem for new casinos. You should not expect to compete with already very popular and large companies. to keep up with the ranking in the market, you should contact specialists who know exactly what players want, how to manage the gaming platform and what to pay attention to.

However, competition is not always the only cause of failure. Your casino may be at the bottom of the rankings for other reasons. Tactless management of a profitable business has a negative impact on the company, so if you do not have experience in the gambling business, first you need to find out as much as possible about the subtleties of this area, about the strategy for solving legal problems.

  • Addressing security issues

Another significant factor is the security of the player. offering visitors games that can really interest and captivate, the casino guarantees regular interest in itself. in order to achieve this, it is recommended to undergo proper training and acquire certification from the authorized commission. In this way, the gambling organization will give players sufficient support, and, consequently, turn their own resource into a secure and well-established system.

There would be fewer security problems if each player was sufficiently aware of the rules of safe play. Unfortunately, in reality, there are not many such players. Gambling causes a strong addiction, the mechanism of which is very important to understand in order to protect yourself.

  • Working on the plan

As you can see, opening your own casino requires consideration of many important issues. To have a great success in the career of online platforms, it is recommended to think through a clear and detailed plan, in which everything will be calculated to the smallest detail. With the help of a plan, you can avoid stupid mistakes and foresee everything in advance. Especially in the first stages, we recommend strictly following the planned scheme.

  • Conclusions

The gambling industry is growing at a tremendous rate. Now is really a good time to start your business in the field of quick-paying income. If earlier, when launching a startup, you could rely only on your own strength and had to independently explore all the above nuances, today there are decent alternative options.

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