Online casino is the way of your business from the limitations of your club. This is an unlimited number of daily customers, new regions of work, the constant addition of modern content and a huge many benefits to take the first step towards online business. Self-development of online casino is not a quick process and requires a lot of investment, at the initial stage of development. The process of launching an online project can be simple and quick, for this, contact us. We offer the development of online casino, adding only popular content, many different design solutions, advanced bonus systems and much more.

Online casino development

  • - A professional platform for managing your online casino. Set up online casino, content management and marketing tools, in one access.
  • - Multicurrency and multilingualism. Allows you to do business anywhere in the world.
  • - High-quality design and modern interface. Bright execution of the online casino site will highlight your project among a huge number of competitors.
  • - Payment Solutions. We offer the connection of the most popular payment systems.
  • - Popular content. Connection of popular providers, more than 1000 casino slot games. Sports line, with events from all over the world. Connection of live casino games with live dealers and fast betting games.
  • - Marketing management. Setting up and managing bonus programs and jackpots to stimulate regular customers and attract new customers.
  • - Own brand of online casino. Development and promotion of your own brand in the network.
  • - Affiliate program. An affiliate program, referral links and much more are provided inside the system!

Bitcoin casino

  • - Bitcoin casino has the same functionality as a regular online casino, but opens up new opportunities for you.
  • - Security and anonymity customers data.
  • - Transaction speed depends on network congestion, but not longer than 25 minutes.
  • - Transition to modern payment methods.
  • - There are no restrictions on the choice of the region of work; your clients are located all over the world.
  • - Convert to any currency in the world.

Telegram casino

  • - Online casino and sports betting inside the TELEGRAM messenger!
  • - Lack of registration for the player, just a Telegram account.
  • - The site and the Telegram bot are tied to the same player account.
  • - Event alerts. Convenient management.
  • - High speed casino.
  • - Convenient affiliate program, referral casino shipping system.
  • - Protection against site blocking.
  • - This solution is ready to launch TON Wallet (Gram wallet, cryptocurrency Telegram).

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